Meet Faith McKay

Faith McKay is a thoughtful scribbler. She lives to write and only has bad days when she forgets that fact. When she’s not writing she can be found enjoying horror and comedy with equal abandon. She spends a lot of time looking for amazing horror-comedy works. When she’s found a good one you can hear her shouting things like “Ha! Right in the eye!” while giggling uncontrollably.

She grows a little weirder every day.

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1.  I listen to music more than I do anything else.

2.  I obsessively keep secret Pinterest boards full of story inspiration. I come up with so many ideas in daily life that I never get around to looking through these boards for inspiration.

3.  My shoes don’t match. I’m currently wearing one black Converse, and one bright purple. My socks don’t match, either.

4.  I travel full time.

5. I skipped 7th grade.

6. I write urban fantasy as WB McKay.

7. I can’t handle stories where cannibals keep someone alive as a human preservation system while eating them limb by limb. It comes up more than you might think.

8.  I love scarves, especially ones with skulls.

9.  People comment on my laugh constantly. “Your laugh is so infectious!” or “Have you tried laughing differently?” are the breadth of the comments.

10. I can talk about The Walking Dead for days. Actually… I can probably talk about anything for days. I seem quiet until I get started. Then you’re stuck. You’ve been warned!



WANTED: Five girls. Must be able to sing, dance, and kill zombies.

The Deadly Divas just wanted to be famous. Years after the zombie apocalypse, and safe behind the city walls, nobody volunteered to fight the undead. An unusual solution emerged: what if zombie fighting was cool? And so, the Deadly Divas were formed—poised to be the role model the city needed. If only they could make the people believe.

With the paparazzi critiquing every move they make, and the body count climbing, the price of fame has never been higher. The girls know they have what it takes to make the Deadly Divas a success. Now they just have to prove it to what’s left of the world. That is, if they survive.

Lipstick & Zombies is a unique take on a zombie dystopian: now with more dancing. Have you ever wanted to see popstars fight the

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