Stranger Things

If you have been anywhere on social media lately, I'm sure you've heard about the Netflix show, Stranger Things. Winona Ryder stars in this horror series, one that is very reminiscent of 80s movies. I mean, back then there was little technology so directors used music to create tension. Without that famous score, how else did you know that Jason was about to come out and grab a new victim? From posters celebrating hits from the 80s, to the dangling phone receiver, to the creepy white van that drives down the street--Stranger Things brings back real fear using the[...]


A Childhood Horror House

When we decided as a group to write about horror houses this month, my thoughts immediately went to the old delapidated structure that I used to explore as a kid. Back before there were computers, cable TV with eight million channels, Playstations, and cell phones, I had the woods surrounding my house as my sole source of entertainment. Limited technology aside, we knew how to use our imaginations and this run down house/barn was the perfect place to dream it all up. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to explore in a structure that was probably condemmed, but wh[...]


Growing Up Scared… 80s Horror

Welcome to October Fear Fest here at The Midnight Society! It is our favorite month of the year when all the ghosties and ghoulies come out to play. Mwahahahahaha! Horror history week! I give you a glimpse of 80s horror. I remember the horror in my history. I am a child of the 80s and there are a few movies I watched as a kid that stuck with me, that still give me chills, that left images permanently burned into my mind. I can't say that I knew I liked horror back in the good ole days. I only knew that if my dad was watching it, it must be cool. And no matte[...]