Curious Things Found on the Internet – Part I

  Hello, good day, bonjour. It's been many months since we chatted last. I took a much-needed hiatus from everything excepting real life -- hence my absence -- but as things go, I'm back like a bad case of herrrrr--- herpy derpies? Bunny rabbits. It's been long enough that you ought to suffer a re-introduction from me. So I'll keep this brief, sparing those who are familiar already: Hello! My name is Kira. I write low-key horror fiction and dark urban fantasy for young adults, I'm pre-query on my first novel, and I'm a senior-level graphic designer.[...]


American Horror Story- Horror on TV

  I'm not afraid to tell you that I love watching TV. Some of what I watch is filler--you know, background noise while I'm working on dinner or other household things. But, every once and a while a new show comes along an totally hooks me. American Horror Story is one of those shows. What blows my mind about this show, is that each season actors and/or actresses play the roles of different characters. Take Jessica Lange from Season 1: Murder House. In this season, Lange plays nosey neighbor Constance Langdon. The neighbors, played by Dylan McDermott and[...]