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Horror Author Interview with Ally Malinenko

It's October (and my favorite time of year), which means one thing... horror author interviews! I've followed author Ally Malinenko on Twitter for quite some time. Imagine my excitement when I asked to interview her as part of my horror author series and she agreed. Ally writes a number of things, like poetry and middle grade horror. She's a force to be reckoned with, so let's dive in!   Thank you so much for joining me, Ally! What kind of books do you like to write or haven you written? I started our writing fantasy and science fiction for middle gra[...]


Horror Author Interview with Leanna Renee Hieber

Autumn brings some of my favorite things...foggy streets in the early hours of the morning, spooky decor, and a chill to the air to remind you that soon, everything will be reborn. It also brings some of my favorite things in the world...horror author interviews! I've talked to and heard about Leanna Renee Hieber's books for a while now. I was hoping she would be a guest on the blog and I was delighted when she agreed. She's not just an author, she's also an actress and a playwright. And honestly, I'm not sure if there's anything she can't do! As of October 201[...]


Author Interview: Tom Torre Loves D&D & Pizza & Whiskey

The Davis Girl (TDG): Everyone, I am joined via Google Hangouts by fellow snack-loving, D&D playing, Dungeon Master himself, author Tom Torre. Welcome Tom! TOM TORRE (TT): Pleasure to be chatting with ya! TDG: Fun fact, I might have screamed when I saw your tweet about "Dungeons And Drafting"  but what in the world *is* it and why does it sound so amazing? TT: Dungeons and Drafting is this bizarre concept I had been dabbling with for the last few years that has finally come to life! It's basically taking four awesome authors, throwing them together[...]


The May Queen Murders Exclusive Content + Interview

I'm beyond excited to have one of my favorite new authors on the blog today, Sarah Jude. When I first heard of her book, The May Queen Murders, I flipped out. It sounded amazing. Something that I didn't know I was waiting to read. And then I saw the cover and it was perfect. Let me share more... The May Queen Murders by Sarah Jude easily fits into the overlapping worlds of horror, suspense and romance. More freaky than gore, it’s not the usual fright-fest and instead pulls from Ozark lore that builds in tension as the secrets of traditions are unearthed. Sat[...]


Frankenlove Interview with Author Mackenzi Lee

Today we have a real treat on The Midnight Society: an interview with Mackenzi Lee, the author of the upcoming Frankenstein reimagining, THIS MONSTROUS THING. I actually decided to start calling this post series "Frankenlove"after talking with her on twitter. She's fun, she's knowledgeable, and she loves Frankenstein! So here we go... Do you remember first falling in love with Frankenstein? What drew you to the story? You never forget your first time, do you? My first exposure to Frankenstein came in high school, when it was one of our optional summer reading bo[...]


Courtney Alameda Interview! Giveaway! Short story!

Wow,  we have two amazing interviews coming up. Today, we have Courtney Alameda, author of the amazing Shutter, and on the 10th, we'll have the fab Mackenzi Lee, of the soon-to-release This Monstrous Thing! Between the two of them, we're covering the great old ones of horror from Frankenstein to Dracula.  Courtney Alameda is back with Trigger, a short story in the Shutter-verse, which you can find at Tor.com (the story will go live at 9 AM EST). Courtney's debut blew my mind into all sorts of pieces, large and small, and she was kind enough to answer a hai[...]