Black Christmas


Black Christmas: I Like a Little Murder with My Popcorn

I love going to the movies and love horror movies, so this week, I took myself to see Black Christmas. The trailers hinted at screaming and running and hiding and killing with sorority girls (AHEM WOMEN) and a creepy masked invader, all wrapped up with Christmas lights. Sounded fun! I went, with no other expectation than to enjoy myself. I did enjoy myself! And left with a head full of thoughts, unusual for a slasher movie, right? The 2019 film, directed by Sophia Takal, and written by Takal and April Wolfe, is the second remake of the 1974 movie Black Christ[...]


Christmas Horror on the Big Screen

If you've tiptoed through The Midnight Society's cemetery, you know a few things about us. Watching horror flick that fit the season is one of them. We are all pretty versed in A Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. This is a definite favorite here, but there are so many more horrors that surround this December holiday. GREMLINS One of my all-time favorite movies from my childhood is Gremlins. Who knew Christmas could be so crazy?? The Rules: 1. No food after midnight. 2. No water. 3. No bright light. As each of those rules are violated, chaos ensues. T[...]