Christmas Horror on the Big Screen

If you’ve tiptoed through The Midnight Society’s cemetery, you know a few things about us. Watching horror flick that fit the season is one of them. We are all pretty versed in A Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton. This is a definite favorite here, but there are so many more horrors that surround this December holiday.

One of my all-time favorite movies from my childhood is Gremlins. Who knew Christmas could be so crazy??

The Rules:

1. No food after midnight.

2. No water.

3. No bright light.

As each of those rules are violated, chaos ensues. This delightful movie is just one example of how choosing a creative Christmas present can go wrong. Very wrong.


Talk about wrong, how about a killer snowman? Now this fellow doesn’t have time to waste in killing, since he might just melt. And guys…this is a great campy film for those who love the ridiculous!


Now this is an interesting tale. One that has Santa frozen beneath tons of rocks and ice that acts as his tomb. That is until some explorers dig deeply enough and find him. This is a Finnish movie and it looks like a fun watch.


Here’s the perfect combo of SCREAM meets HALLOWEEN. There’s nothing better than a cannibal psycho on the loose. Why not choose a sorority house to terrorize? There are quite a few actresses that will look familiar to you, too.

What do Santa, a flamethrower, an ax, and a cattle prod have in common?? This movie! Santa likes to use a few unforgettable tools when taking out some of the naughty on his list.

These are just a few horror holiday flicks. Which is your favorite?

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