Let’s Watch a Horror Movie…Friday the 13th

This month will be a special horror movie live-tweet event! We will be heading to summer camp and watching THREE movies. All in the Friday the 13th franchise. Why? Well... Our fabulous fearless leader Jolene hosts a writer/artist showcase where she posts stories and art on her blog. Each year she has a different theme and likes these creations to be a little creepy. I have been honored to be a part of the last three themes: haunted house, harvest festival, and haunted hotel. This year will be my fourth. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to unite artists, to c[...]


Birthday Time. X-Files Style.

Today, we celebrate our fearless, fantastical, creeptastical leader. IT'S JOLENE'S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So we are prepared to... Well, maybe not DIE...unless some strange thing happens on this glorious day of death flavored cake and fear infused ice cream...like... Creepy, possessed dolls...     Odd lights in the sky...     Or our bodies being taken over by goo...   Have no fear, we will call the best to help make sure your birthday is not ruined by the weird, scary, or other-worldly.   When this guy shows[...]