classic monsters


Heart-Shaped Box

I can find no better way to say good-bye to the month of love, than the work of Kurt Cobain and Joe Hill. Hill (son of my favorite writer of all time--THE Stephen King), wrote a horror novel titled the same as the smash hit from this grunge rock band. The slaying tune is the perfect match for Joe Hill's horror hit. Although the only thing shared is the title, I can imagine rocking out to this while reading. Can't you? So for those who love horror...give it a try and celebrate the end of February with a good scary story.   Aging, self-absorbed rock star[...]


The Society’s Favorite Classic Monsters

Since I've started posting about that classic monster of Frankenstein's here on Wednesdays, I thought it would be a great opportunity to pry open the minds of the other Midnight Society members and see what their favorite classic monsters are! Make sure to let us know what your favorite is in the comments! What's your favorite classic horror monster? I’m a fangirl of bloodsuckers, personally. I loved tracking the progression of the vampire in literature back to the days of Robert Polidori and Sheridan la Fanu, but especially seeing its evolution as a romantici[...]