Real Talk: On writing, community, horror, and aspiration

Hello fellow horror fans. Today we're visiting the deep end of the swimming pool. Let's shimmy up to the edge, our toes curling around the lip of cement that separates us from the water, and peer down into the murk and what lingers there. It's been some time since I've tried to put one of these posts together, and there's a good reason for that. Let's call it the separation of church and state; art and presentation; craft and identity. I'm at DragonCon this weekend, surrounded by a hoard of seventy thousand like-minded individuals who are, cumulatively, wilder a[...]


Horror and Heavy Metal: A Match Made In…

Horror and heavy metal--they go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Why do these two great tastes taste so great together? There are some very obvious reasons, and I found myself thinking about them quite a bit when I attended a horror convention and a heavy metal music festival in the same weekend. On Saturday July 18th, I spent the day selling books and hanging out at the Connecticut Horror Fest. My friends over at the Horror News Network put on another great show, and their star-studded guest lineup featured Doug Bradley (Pinhead in Hellraiser), Gunnar[...]



There are three different book festivals / conferences that I haven't been to that I am dying to attend. One is BEA (but we're not talking about that right now and how R.L. Stine was there and how Midnight Society Member Amy went and I am supremely jealous). The 2nd is SCBWI (but we're not talking about that right now either). The one I really want to attend is Thrillerfest. Now, I know this is a horror blog but thriller and horror novels are very interrelated. In fact, most of my early R.L. Stine books have them listed as YA thrillers, not YA horror novels. H[...]