courting the king in yellow



The Yellow King Roleplaying Game may be my most anticipated game of all time. I grew up on Dungeons & Dragons, and I have collected roleplaying game books for years. Many of them I haven't even played, I just absolutely love reading about different world, game mechanics and adventure ideas. As a writer, roleplaying games have been a huge influence on me (just read my Parted Veil series), and writing for a roleplaying game is a bucket list item for me. In short--I love roleplaying games. I also love horror, and Robert Chambers' The King in Yellow (get it f[...]


The King in Yellow: A Gothic Horror Masterpiece

Romance, mystery, dread and terror--Robert Chambers' The King in Yellow has them all in spades. It's a collection of stories that has influenced countless horror writers over the past century, including H.P. Lovecraft himself. Four of the stories in the book reference a play called The King in Yellow, a play so infamous it was banned because simply reading it causes people to go insane. We as readers of the short stories never get to see more than a snippet or two from the actual play, lending to mystery of it. The titular character in the play is a terrifying,[...]