What We Let Die Inside of Us – My Latest Horror Game Obsession

I’ve been exploring a bunker.  I need to escape to save my sister.  The computer is reporting wildlife outside, and the radio is giving instructions on what to do if I feel the urge to eat my neighbor. Before this, I explored a house with a secret.  Thunder boomed outside, and my recorder picked up music when there was no one else in the room.  And there was that thing with the spirit board. The asylum came before that.  Hawthorne Manor was immense, and I think I’d been there for a long time.  Some madman had scrawled warnings on the walls, and th[...]


The Haunting Lore of Dark Souls III–Oceiros, The Consumed King

There are several reasons I adore the Souls series of games--their punishing difficulty, their immersive worlds, and the lore that is woven into every character, location and item being just a few. In my mind, the Souls series has always been a horror series, as despair, grief, loneliness and loss are themes played out again and again. Every major enemy you face has a story, and it's often tragic. What's more, the game often gives you only pieces of the story, which invites the community to theorize about what it all means. A prefect example of this Oceiros,[...]


Getting in Your Head: Brian Plays THE EVIL WITHIN

I LOVE horror games (shocker, I know), and I just spent the past few months revisiting two of my all-time favorites, Dead Space and Dead Space 2. When I finally put them to rest, I was looking for something to play when the ads for The Evil Within 2 started coming out. I'd played about ten minutes of the first game, so I decided to go back to that one and play through it so I could eventually get the sequel as well. I'm glad I decided to give The Evil Within another shot, because it's great. I've started a let's play series, and you can watch the first episode of[...]



The Yellow King Roleplaying Game may be my most anticipated game of all time. I grew up on Dungeons & Dragons, and I have collected roleplaying game books for years. Many of them I haven't even played, I just absolutely love reading about different world, game mechanics and adventure ideas. As a writer, roleplaying games have been a huge influence on me (just read my Parted Veil series), and writing for a roleplaying game is a bucket list item for me. In short--I love roleplaying games. I also love horror, and Robert Chambers' The King in Yellow (get it f[...]