I’ve been exploring a bunker.  I need to escape to save my sister.  The computer is reporting wildlife outside, and the radio is giving instructions on what to do if I feel the urge to eat my neighbor.

Before this, I explored a house with a secret.  Thunder boomed outside, and my recorder picked up music when there was no one else in the room.  And there was that thing with the spirit board.

The asylum came before that.  Hawthorne Manor was immense, and I think I’d been there for a long time.  Some madman had scrawled warnings on the walls, and the writing was familiar.

Glitch Games has created a series of gothic escape games in All That Remains, The Forgotten Room, and Forever Lost.  A story threads through many of the episodes, but it’s jumbled, like the memories of the main character.

The graphics are textured and lusciously colored.  The smallest corner could hold a clue, and the details are beautifully rendered as you tap to zoom in and out of scenes.  The soundtrack varies from haunting music to insistent, nerve wracking sounds.  Some of the clues are auditory, so make sure you listen to each scene.

Glitch declares “We make adventure games,” on their website, but their games are much more than that.  Each game has mysteries to explore, and their unnerving settings (and occasional jump scare) create a distinctive horror feel.  Woven through are tragic stories that nettle the main character, who is trying to escape more than a locked room.

Glitch games are available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows platforms.