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I can't believe it, Zach. Nintendo just made another gaming dream come true this week when they announced that cult classic, Twin Peaks-inspired Deadly Premonition was coming to the Nintendo Switch. And as amazing as that was, the real news was that Deadly Premonition 2 was in production, and would be coming to the Switch as a launch exclusive. https://youtu.be/GHJaGBK1JW8 If you have never experienced Deadly Premonition, now is the perfect time to grab it on the Switch. Deadly Premonition centers on Agent Francis York Morgan, who has come to the quiet Northwes[...]


E3 2019: Blair Witch Game Coming This August

E3 was this past week, and while it was fairly lackluster overall, there were definitely some games announced that piqued my interest. One of them was a Blair Witch game that I didn't even know was in development. It's being made by Layers of Fear developers Bloober team, and it's slated to arrive August 30th for Xbox One and PC. The Blair Witch Project came out in 1999, but was set in 1994-1995, and it looks from the trailer like this game is set a year after the events of the movie. In any case, it looks great, and it gave me a real Alan Wake vibe, which was a[...]


The Haunting Dialogue of Oxenfree

When you're fully immersed in a story, you hang on your favorite character's every word. Whatever they say will show how they're feeling, how connected they are - or want to be - to the person they're talking to. You'll know what they want, what they need, once they speak. OXENFREE follows Alex and her friends as they party and fight to survive on a deserted island. There's instant friction between characters. Snarky comments and awkward exchanges hint at the grief, regret and romantic tension between them. As Alex, you want to withdraw, but you're pushed to[...]


What We Let Die Inside of Us – My Latest Horror Game Obsession

I’ve been exploring a bunker.  I need to escape to save my sister.  The computer is reporting wildlife outside, and the radio is giving instructions on what to do if I feel the urge to eat my neighbor. Before this, I explored a house with a secret.  Thunder boomed outside, and my recorder picked up music when there was no one else in the room.  And there was that thing with the spirit board. The asylum came before that.  Hawthorne Manor was immense, and I think I’d been there for a long time.  Some madman had scrawled warnings on the walls, and th[...]


Getting in Your Head: Brian Plays THE EVIL WITHIN

I LOVE horror games (shocker, I know), and I just spent the past few months revisiting two of my all-time favorites, Dead Space and Dead Space 2. When I finally put them to rest, I was looking for something to play when the ads for The Evil Within 2 started coming out. I'd played about ten minutes of the first game, so I decided to go back to that one and play through it so I could eventually get the sequel as well. I'm glad I decided to give The Evil Within another shot, because it's great. I've started a let's play series, and you can watch the first episode of[...]


Resident Evil: The Father of Survival Horror

Confession... as much as I love survival horror and go so far as to consider my creative work as survival horror in written form, buuuuuuut.... um, I never played the original Resident Evil. After Silent Hill's genius and Fatal Frame's brutality, there didn't seem to be much of a point. If the Resident Evil franchise is known for anything, it's for the silliness in ridiculous plots, the dumb characters, and inconsistent tone that couldn't decide if it wanted to be gothic horror or biological horror. I took a pass. Mostly. I played Resident Evil: Revelation[...]