The Power of Mystical Magical Horrifying Sound

One of my favorite parts of horror is the sound.

A snippet of music that will have everyone glancing over their shoulder or walking a bit faster.

Or a nice little melody that can send shivers up your spine.

Or a word. A voice. A growl.

Sound is magic when it comes to horror. Whether it’s a creepy series of notes in the soundtrack, a sinister voice, or the simple crunch crunch crunch of footsteps when no one is there, sound carries us into that world and holds us there, possibly against our will.

It ups the tension, making us move closer to the screen or maybe cover your eyes. The sudden squeal of a violin alerts the audience of an upcoming scare. A stomach turning scream sends fear coursing through the body. A deep growl makes us want to turn and run.

Sound is everything.

In movies. In games.

And in books.

I’m sorry, what? Books don’t make sounds.

Oh, but they do and more than the gentle swish of the pages turning. Words inspire your brain to create the unsettling silences and unexplained knocks.

Look at your favorite scary books.

Look for the words that brought that story to life.

Look for the odd voices.

Look for the growls and creaks.

Look for the sounds that make you wonder what’s coming.

Enjoy the rumbles and thuds and screams coming from the TV or speakers at the movie theater (when we can finally go back).

But don’t forget to relish the sounds when reading, sounds from words as they play deep in your mind.

Cheers and nightmares,


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