Happy Birthday Brian!

We all know him as the unstoppable force of good, fighting evil daily with his talents like writing, podcasting, wild puns, and knowledge of 80’s hair metal. But today we shall also know him as BIRTHDAY BOY!

Happy Birthday Brian. And in order to properly celebrate, we decided to throw you a concert. Enjoy!



I called up Quiet Riot to see if they’d be willing to open this music festival and they agreed–one one condition. We held the first part of the event at an abandoned insane asylum. What could go wrong…right? Get ready to bang your head!

Brian, you are so awesome and amazing. I’m so thrilled that I can call you friend and I’m so thankful to have you in my life. Thank you for always being a guiding supportive light, for the awesome jokes, and for being the Hall to my Oates. Or are you the Oates? I can’t remember. Have a wonderful birthday!



Brian, you definitely know how to rock!  Even though I don’t know some of the bands you listen to, I do know Metallica. Old school heavy metal is your thing, so why not rock out with them on your birthday?!

You are a true puppet master, bringing life to your characters and stories. Not only is writing amazing, but so is your spirit. You are one of the best guys around, and I am lucky to be part of a little corner of your life. Have an amazing birthday!!!!




Dear Birthday Boy,

My gift to you is the song the trees make.

You are the creepy tree music this world needs. Keep doing what you do, sir.


The Davis Girl

BRIAN! Dude…if anyone deserves to be CAUGHT IN A MOSH on their birthday, it’s you! I don’t know how you do it without going off the rails on a CRAZY TRAIN – multiple podcasts, collaborations, kicking butt at your new job and still being there for the fam & daily walks with Larry. You, sir are an inspiration.

In your honor, I found this killer mashup of some of the biggest metal bands of the 80’s. But WAIT. I might be cheating, but I’m NOBODY’S FOOL. I couldn’t just pick ONE. What’s a little rule breaking among friends? You won’t BURN IN HELL. Because there’s NO ONE LIKE YOU. You got THE LOOKS THAT KILL! So hopefully this video will help you get in touch with your WILD SIDE and have NOTHIN’ BUT A GOOD TIME. I’m CALLING ON YOU to get in touch with your inner YOUTH GONE WILD. Have an AMAZING DAY!




Brian! Because you were the one who showed me the true beauty of all the slashers, a video to celebrate you and the wonderful gruesome killing you have shared with me. Seriously, my life would be sad without your influence! Here’s Alice Cooper and Jason…


Happy birthday! ROCK ON!


Brian – We bonded over our affection for 80’s slasher movies, and you know all the great ones know that and will never machete us to death because of it.  I called one our best friends, and he’s hurrying to your house from New York for your birthday.  I hope he finds you in time to party.

jason takes manhattan friday the 13th gif

You introduced me to the band Ghost recently, and those guys make their own party.  They’re here to celebrate YOU!

Oh, and they sent over their RATS minions to celebrate.  Unfortunately, they got into the cake.

dario argento times GIF

You deserve all things wonderful on this rocking’ day!


Happiest of birthdays. We hope it’s filled with music. Singing. Terrible hair. Heavy electric guitar. And unforgettable memories that will haunt you all year.



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