Happy Swampy Birthday Party Vicki!!!

Today is a very special day.

Why? Because it’s Vicki’s birthday party today!

You know her as a horror writer and biologist, NaNoWriMo pro, and lover of spooky stories. She loves hiking in swamps and writing about monsters. She also has some great friends that you probably recognize, like this picture below with dear, sweet Michael.

You can be a part of the celebration too, by singing happy birthday to her on Twitter. 

We’re celebrating you, Vicki, and your birthday today. So get dressed in your best party dress and heavy hiking boots. We’re taking you deep into the swamp for your very own swamp party!

To kick your birthday off right, we’re leading everyone blindfolded deep into the swamp.

Deeper. Deeper. Until the sounds of the city fall away and the sounds of nature take over. Where the natural bacteria in the water turn it shades of rainbow and the sounds of things slithering through the water send chills up our spines. The lightning bugs will start to dance when night falls, in a brilliant display just for you!


To kick it off, you’re going to need a delicious frozen swampy cocktail that we found on Tipsy Bartender. You get the first one, and the rest of us will wait our turn.

We’ll soon break out the cockroach cupcakes and monstrous cookies. Heck, any of these delicious swampy goodies. Like twigs and algae shots, slimy snails, and boiled fish eyes. After all, you deserve them.


Next we’re going to need some good music. One of our favorites from , that is perfect for the occasion.



Happy birthday Vicki! You’re such a delight. You’re kind, brilliant, motivated, intelligent, and full of wonder and light. You also have the most brilliant, spooky heart and we’re so glad that you share it with all of us every day.

You’re truly a gift to the world and to The Midnight Society and we’re so happy that we’re know each other. You deserve all of the best things in the world.

Love, The Midnight Society

The party will go late into the night and will probably be so loud that the Creature from the Black Lagoon himself will come out, just to party and mingle with us.

When the sun starts to rise and the creature himself goes back to bed, we’ll all slowly slip out, one by one and disappear into the light. When you decide to leave, don’t forget to take your goody bags (found here) with you on the way out! Your snakes will be hungry. Don’t forget to feed them…or they might feed on you!


Happy Birthday Vicki! You’re so amazing and wonderful and we’re so happy you’re in our lives! Here’s to another beautiful, wild, swampy, magnificent rotation around the fire in the sky.

We hope you had the best birthday!


Keep it swampy!


The Midnight Society

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