Welcome New Member Jenna Lehne!

Let’s just say that the séance to cleanse the house of spirits didn’t go exactly as we’d planned…

The Midnight Society has claimed another life and we’re quite pleased with ourselves…poor girl…She didn’t see it coming.

Our line-up and blogging team is made up of AmyFaithKimTimonKathyBrianKiraJennifer, and Jolene. And now, we’ve got one more spooky spirit on our side of the spirit realm.


Welcome Jenna Lehne!


Jenna Lehne failed to close the circle – to sever the connection, if you will – and died the way most amateur ghost hunters do….

In pieces.

She will be remembered by her agent, Kathleen Rushall of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency and her growing family.

Jenna liked her books like she liked her tea…cold and dark. Her greatest regret in life was never writing that fangirl letter to the true KING of horror. When she wasn’t sipping tea or twitter stalking her favourite authors, she was writing both MG and YA horror.

In lieu of flowers, send books. Preferably by Stephen King, Daniel Kraus, Rick Yancey, Kendare Blake, Rin Chupeco, Matt de la Pena or whoever else gives you the chills.

There is no funeral, only a wake. Bring snacks. Even the dead like carbs.


We’ll see you around the graveyard, Jenna!

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