There’s something happening here and I’m scared.

Over the past seven days at least 13 things have happened which lead me to believe my adulting game may be leveling up.

13. I took the first step towards a making a doctor’s appointment which I have been avoiding for about a decade.fade-away

12. I outlined the next ten posts for my
11. I applied to be a local chapter leader for a non-fiction writing organization.tumblr_n5jgqgyjlz1tq3cv7o2_500

10. I researched information for the marketing section of my non-fiction book proposal.

9. I started a load of laundry AND switched it to the dryer AND started the dryer.brick-in-washing-machine-o


8. I accepted a promotion at work and, except for this very sentence, did not brag when I was informed the position was designed with me in mind.high fiving a million angels


7. I wrote the text of this post before assigning GIFs to each item–though I did have an idea of what I wanted but only made mental notes which his huge for me. Usually, I get much too excited about the visual to worry about the content.giphy-1


6. My superior sibling solicited advice from me AND I gave it to said sibling without sarcasm.lily-s-sister-o
5. I took my work to a coffee shop AND got almost all of that work done even with distractions. yyhRB4kZRmWCIHe1AIKq_Telekenesis Prank
4. I didn’t even swear once at judgey Netflix for asking me if I was “still watching?” New Girl. Instead, I set the sleep timer for a reasonable amount of time (90 min) so it was only another 72 episodes.giphy
3. I took a break from grading RIGHT when I realized I needed it, not after.fVDH5bN
2. My mother called me (ME) for car-buying advice and I had valuable information for her. vintage-footage-1900-modelt-ford-driving-animated-gif-1
1. I made the choice to honor these 13 things because this is my last semester teaching and I want my students, readers, family, and friends to know that for all the crap and grief and doubt and jabs I give myself,  I still deserve to recognize when I punch life in the throat.


Do you have any things?