Welcome New Member Timon Skees!

I am beyond excited to announce our newest member.


The planets have aligned bringing us some of the most talented writers out there. Our line-up and blogging team is made up of Amy, Faith, Kathy, Suzy, Kira, Jennifer, Kim, and Jolene. And now, we’ve gone one more spooky spirit on our squad.

Welcome Timon Skees!

Timon spent his youth locked in a tower on a rain-swept moor, where he developed a talent for staring moodily out of windows just as lightning struck in the distance. He fled to the continent after his older brother framed him for the death of their father. Eventually he joined a secret Vatican order charged with hunting down occult manuscripts filled with secrets mankind is not prepared to face. While serving the order, he faced many monsters in all parts of the globe, from the human to the blasphemous, and even the created and the eldritch. After an unfortunate social faux-pas in Warsaw, he returned to his homeland, cleared his name, received his family’s lands and titles, and proposed to his childhood love.


While on his final mission for the order in Vienna, he was suddenly dismembered by a mob of wondering schismatics. According to eye-witnesses his dying words were “called it.” He’s currently buried in St. Reginald’s graveyard in Suffolk, England (known affectionally as St. Reggie’s to the locals). In life, Timon was always found in out-of-the-way bookshops, abandoned monasteries, back alley meetings, and wherever there was a monster to fight. In death, he haunts this site, Twitter, and ya-asylum.com despite several exorcisms.


We’re beyond delighted to add his spirit to our collection. Welcome Timon!


We’ll see you around the graveyard,
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