Here Lies Melinda Harrison

We are so pleased and excited to have a new member join the ranks of The Midnight Society!

This new member is incredible, funny, passionate, and quite the wordsmith. We lured her onto the grounds of The Midnight Society Mansion and of course, she mysteriously ended up dead.

Without further ado…

Welcome Melinda Harrison!


Melinda Harrison died, the first time, in the year 1858, when according to her diary she was murdered by a secret and nefarious group of Resurrectionists in London, England, who wanted to suppress knowledge of their existence. However, one of them felt guilty and brought her back to life in a experiment that, unfortunately, has never been repeated. Melinda began haunting cemeteries and seeing ghosts afterwards. Of course this makes her the oldest member of The Midnight Society as well as the only member with wild graying hair that cannot be controlled under any circumstances. Over the years, she became a writer and copy editor, working under various pseudonyms, producing several Regency and Historical romances, all with a touch of horror. Her last paranormal romance was called “creepy” which delighted her. Melinda died, for the second time,  soon after joining The Midnight Society, probably from shock.  Her ghostly form is now writing YA fiction. Funeral services were held at Old Town, Mississippi where she resided with her husband and a houseful of birds.

Ghostly hangouts:








Now that Melinda’s officially dead…errr… I mean a part of the team, it’s time for a skeleton party! Drag your bones over to the graveyard and let’s get down!

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P.S. Are you reading CREED? There’s still time to start! The Midnight Book Club will be discussing the book soon so if you haven’t already grabbed your copy, now’s the time! Details are here! Everyone is welcome.

  • Jennifer Brinkmeyer
    January 19, 2015

    Welcome, Melinda!

  • Amy Giuffrida
    January 19, 2015

    So glad you’ve joined us!! Welcome to the cemetery:)

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