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Happy Birthday Timon! Let’s Party!

Good Morning, Kittens!   What a beautiful day to be alive. Speaking of being alive, one of our very own is celebrating a birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIMON!!!   Since I'm relatively new to the Society, I asked Kim to help me out with a little birthday bio for Timon . I was going to sum it up for you, but I love the way she described Timon, and I think he'll like it too: He is a southern boy, born and raise. Catholic. God loving. Very smart dude. Loves horror. Currently in grad school to make horror video games ideally. Loves philosophy, and big[...]


Camp Grizzly: A bloody love letter to slasher movies.

There are few things I love more than slasher movies---they're horror stripped down to it's barest, dumbest essentials, and it's wonderful in all of it's confused, faux-morality tale wackiness. I also love board gaming, and in the past fifteen years tabletop gaming has exploded as hobby. In fact, the most interesting work in horror today is coming from game designers. If you want atmosphere, great art, and fun, horror games is the place right now. If you've never played any recent board games, I can't recommend it enough. The thing that makes it great is th[...]


Yes, Gone Home really is a horror game.

Late last year a kerfuffle broke out on twitter about video games, one of the many, many, many targets of the ire was the critically acclaimed game Gone Home. People said it was too short, it wasn't really a video game, it cost too much, it was marketed as a horror game when it wasn't one--- Whoa, whoa, back that up, sparky. Not a horror game? Okay, if you haven't played Gone Home, stop reading this now, buy the game, and play it. You'll thank me. There's a lot to love here, from the riot grrrrl soundtrack, to the voice acting, and the '90s references. Thi[...]


Welcome New Member Timon Skees!

I am beyond excited to announce our newest member.   The planets have aligned bringing us some of the most talented writers out there. Our line-up and blogging team is made up of Amy, Faith, Kathy, Suzy, Kira, Jennifer, Kim, and Jolene. And now, we've gone one more spooky spirit on our squad. Welcome Timon Skees! Timon spent his youth locked in a tower on a rain-swept moor, where he developed a talent for staring moodily out of windows just as lightning struck in the distance. He fled to the continent after his older brother framed him for the death of[...]