Brace Yourself for the NoSleep Podcast

I’ve heard talk of podcasts for…awhile. But, I didn’t run to join the crowd of listeners, because I wasn’t sure of this podcast thing, didn’t know how it would fit into my life. Last August, when faced with a nine hour car ride alone, I had an overwhelming desire to have someone read me horror stories. My friend suggested I find a podcast to listen to. Wait. Like where they tell me scary stories? Yup. So, I found The NoSleep Podcast and discovered a wonderful land of stories of the weird and creepy and dark.


After my nine hour drive, immersed in a variety of tales, from plain creepy, to strange, to a bit bloody, I got hooked. Thank goodness there are six years of shows available, for, months later, I listen in the car, when I take a walk, and as I put groceries away.

A terrific group of voice actors read stories submitted by horror authors everywhere as a fantastically creepy soundtrack creaks and growls in the background. So many different types of horror, something for everyone.

Go check them out on their website and Twitter. Then sit back and listen to stories created to frighten and disturb. So, brace yourself for The NoSleep Podcast.


Speaking of stories…have you found Jolene Haley’s #SpookyShowcase? The theme this year is urban legends, so let the authors delight you with tales inspired by some well-known and not so well-known legends. Happening all this month! Look for my story, if you dare.

Cheers and nightmares,




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