Poetry Contest and A Haunted Interview with Sean McConnell

My Dearest Ghouls and Ghosts,
Here lies an invitation to the most frightening contest of all. We’re in search of the scary words of your inner Poe. If you think you can scare us to death, this contest is for you.

Here are the details:

1.  Send your poems to: kissedbyink@gmail.com
2.  In the subject line, please type your poem’s title and your name.
3.  Copy and past your poem directly into the email. ABSOLUTELY NO ATTACHMENTS!
4.  Only open to US residents who are at least 18 years-old.
5.  All entries due by October 26th at midnight (EST).
6.  The Midnighters will choose our favorite poem of all and announce it on HALLOWEEN!
Now, I know you all want to know if there’s a prize. Of course there is, and it’s a big one. We have a wonderful and talented friend, named Sean McConnell, who has graciously donated a piece of his art as a prize. You WANT this, trust me. And if you aren’t sure, check out my interview with him below. You’ll get to pick one of these original 11″ x 14″ B&W reproduction that are SIGNED:
#1 Petyr and the Werewolf
#2 Day of the Dead
#3 Finishing Touches
Amy - Midnight Society Signatures
Thanks for being such a great sport Sean!!!
We all know kids love to dress up and see who can get the most candy when they go out Trick or Treating. As adults, we either pick out of our kid’s haul or we dip our greedy hands in the candy we “bought” to hand out to the little goblins who ring our doorbell. So tell me, what is your favorite Halloween candy?
Once you get past the Caddyshack sensibilities, I enjoy Baby Ruth candy bars. I won’t go all Sloth ala Goonies about them, but they’re yummy! I like the pumpkins that are like candy corn but even if they’re made of the same stuff–and I think they are–they taste better.
Do you have any fun Halloween experiences you can tell us? Or pictures you can share?
My love affair with Halloween goes back forever but really bloomed in high school where my friends and I made haunted houses that rivaled the pros. We had a shout-out to Mr. King with a Pet Sematary compete with robotic demon dog, floating candles that went down the hallways (trade secret), Freddy Krueger dream sequences and enough scares, sets and costumes to be the biggest attraction of my home town.
My favorite recent year was the year I went as the Overlord from the famous video game–look it up on Google. My wife went as my uber hot gothic queen and my son masqueraded as an imp. He even sported ears, a bald cap and paint all over his body.
We can talk all day about Horror movies around here, and we all have our favorites. What is yours?
The Conjuring was brilliant and so very well done. I also liked the original black and white version of The HauntingPsycho is up there too.
So many movies are being remade to be modern and to draw in a younger audience. Many times I find myself wondering just what’s wrong with watching the original. Do you like to see horror movies remade or a fan of the originals?
Yes and yes. I love the originals, but I like when remakes are attempted. I had such high hopes for the reboot of Elm Street. The visuals were amazing and I loved the use of the Everly Brothers “Dream” song. I just felt it missed something.
The remake of Evil Dead rocked. I love how Jane Levy made an iconic role her own. That scene where evil Jane rises from the swamp after good Jane–so creeptastic.
I hope to see a remake of Hitchcock’s The Birds some day. CGI pigeons wreaking havoc in San Francisco? Yes, please!
Can you remember the first horror book you read? Is this what drew you to writing horror?
I can still see the Marsten House in my dreams.
Yes! I made a gothic horror role-playing game the summer I read that book and wrote my first novel A TALE OF DARKENED NIGHTS. According to a bunch of high-schoolers, it freakin’ rocked. I doubt the market would share the same sentiment.
Fear is something everyone feels, whether it’s because we watched a scary movie or we read something terrifying in the news. Sometimes, it’s something we can overcome—like my fear of clowns and moving dolls. What scares you?
Sorry, Internet. I will never share. Can you imagine all of the image attachments I’d get it I shared…hmmm–wait a minute–okay, Internet, I’m deathly afraid of Kate Beckinsale. 🙂
As writers, we all fear rejection. It’s absolutely terrifying to share yourself via writing, but at the same time without taking that risk books don’t get published. As a writer, what has your scariest moment been?
The moment when I checked to see if my entry got any love in a pitch contest. I passed on breakfast for good reason. 
Luckily, I had a request. It was the right request with the perfect fit and led to representation from Terrie.
How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
I would steal those rolling stairs from The Home Depot and roll them wherever I went. Zombies can’t climb stairs.
Either Or: A Quick Horror Quiz
zombies or unicorns?
I’d rather have my house surrounded by unicorns, please.
Spike or Angel 
Freddy or Jason
Dracula or Frankenstein
If I can’t pick Underworld Kate Beckinsale (do you see a theme?) I guess Dracula
Michael or Leatherface
The woods or a Cornfield
Sofa with Snuggie. No? Fine! Woods with GPS.
Cujo or Christine
Vampire or Werewolf
Dean or Sam
Chucky or Annabelle
Annabelle and I get a shotgun.

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