Terror Lurks in the Little Things

Little things can be terrifying, stressful, and panic-inducing. Not the miniature demons skittering across the ground or dolls and evil toddlers pitter-pattering over a creaky wood floor, but those tiny mistakes that haunt us. Last fall, my son applied to colleges. Two accepted him, and he waited to hear from the third, before making a final decision. Stressful, right? When we learned that the final college posted decisions online, online we went, only to learn of a missing SAT score. His application hadn't been processed, and the deadline to apply gone. A tiny[...]


Haunted #CoverReveal! The #HorrorTwins Strike Again!

Hmm, do you perhaps know a little book called.... (If you don't, it's on sale for 99 cents right now, so get on that!!) Well, our favorite #HorrorTwins are back with a sequel! Are you ready for this? Serial killers? The perfectness of a book that celebrates all that is autumn? and.... murder? And, obviously, BEAUTIFUL COVERS! Look at the pretty!! HAUNTED (THE WOODSVIEW MURDERS, #2) Last October, corpses piled up in Woodsview, Massachusetts faster than autumn leaves in the dead of fall. The small town changed forever when Jeremy Kane, known as the Harvester, sl[...]


Poetry Contest and A Haunted Interview with Sean McConnell

My Dearest Ghouls and Ghosts, Here lies an invitation to the most frightening contest of all. We're in search of the scary words of your inner Poe. If you think you can scare us to death, this contest is for you. Here are the details: 1.  Send your poems to: kissedbyink@gmail.com 2.  In the subject line, please type your poem's title and your name. 3.  Copy and past your poem directly into the email. ABSOLUTELY NO ATTACHMENTS! 4.  Only open to US residents who are at least 18 years-old. 5.  All entries due by October 26th at midnight (EST). 6.  The Mid[...]


Real-Life Creepy Places, Part I: Pripyat

Pripyat was an unremarkable small town in the Ukraine, founded in 1970, with a population of about 49,000. Until April 1986, when an explosion at the nearby Chernobyl nuclear power plant contaminated the city and a large chunk of the surrounding territory with radioactive particles. The town, originally built to house the workers of the nuclear power plant and their families, was so close to the plant you could see the fire from the roofs of the buildings. The residents of Pripyat were not alerted of the deadly disaster that had occurred just a few miles away. T[...]