Alphabet Roundup II: Happy Things I Like

Dear Reader,

My brain is fried, but I know what I need to recharge. And so, I pass those savings on to you. Please enjoy my Alphabet Roundup II: Happy Things I Like.

What is your happy? Let us know in the comments. Then log off, power down, and make some time for shower nachos (exactly what it sounds like).


The Davis Girl

A is for Aquarium

B is for Bat

C is for Cupcakes

D is for Donuts

E is for Erica

F is for Fluffypoofs

G is for Gluten Free

H is for He-Man

I is for Ice Cream

J is for Jell-O

K is for Koalas

L is for Libraries

M is for Music

N is for Nope

O is for Ocean

P is for Pets

Q is for Quantum Theory

R is for Rain

S is for Squirrel

T is for Tidepool

U is for Unicorns

V is for Vegetables

W is for Weather

X is for eXercise

Y is for Yoga

Z is for Zoo


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