dead space


Let’s Play Dead Space 3

Dead Space is my favorite horror game series of all time, and over the past few years, I've revisited each of the three main games with a let's play on my Co-Op Critics YouTube channel. I've recently started the series for Dead Space 3, so I thought some of our horror gaming fans might enjoy it, especially if you haven't experienced the series before. What's interesting about Dead Space 3 is that it's a prime example of a publisher ruining something great. Dead Space 1,2 and Extraction (the Wii on-rails shooter) were all fantastic, horror-driven games. But by the[...]


In Dead Space, Everyone Can Hear You Scream

Every October I like to revisit some of my favorite horror games, and this year I went back to the 2008 masterpiece Dead Space. Equal parts Aliens and Event Horizon, Dead Space puts you in the role of Isaac Clarke, an engineer for the Concordance Extraction Corporation in the year 2508. Isaac and a small crew are responding to a distress beacon sent out from the USG Ishimura, a "planet cracker"ship that is designed to harvest resources from planets and moons. https://youtu.be/OUrq0PQgqPg?list=PL3o-jq7bqjfR0IoJLGSRJqZxG3gfPmchT From the second the small group cra[...]


Audio Terror: Dead Space 2 Soundtrack

I am a lifelong gamer (since the days of Red Box D&D and the Atari 2600), and one of the ways I like to recharge my creative batteries is by immersing myself in a good video game. It probably comes as no surprise to you that horror games are among my favorites to play. I find that inhabiting a scary story is a great way to inspire my own creative process, and few experiences are as immersive and interactive as games. One of my absolute favorite series of all time is the Dead Space series, and in particular the first two games of that series. It's Ghost Month[...]