Let’s Play Dead Space 3

Dead Space is my favorite horror game series of all time, and over the past few years, I’ve revisited each of the three main games with a let’s play on my Co-Op Critics YouTube channel. I’ve recently started the series for Dead Space 3, so I thought some of our horror gaming fans might enjoy it, especially if you haven’t experienced the series before.

What’s interesting about Dead Space 3 is that it’s a prime example of a publisher ruining something great. Dead Space 1,2 and Extraction (the Wii on-rails shooter) were all fantastic, horror-driven games. But by the time we got to Dead Space 3, microtransactions were in full swing, and there was a push for every game to have multiplayer. So, Dead Space 3 was designed to be a co-op affair, and to get you to spend money buying crafting materials to upgrade your weapons. These design choices contributed to the game underperforming, and the Dead Space series has been shelved since 2013, which is a crying shame.

I’m still holding out hope for a remastered trilogy (or a Nintendo Switch port with Extraction), as I think it would remind EA how popular the series could be, and maybe, just maybe get us a reboot or sequel. With the renaissance that Resident Evil is having right now, I think there is even more momentum for the return of Dead Space.

But until then, I can still play the original games, and despite it’s flaws, Dead Space 3 is actually still a fun solo experience, which is what this let’s play series will consist of. Enjoy the first episode!

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