Tell Me What You See – A Visual Writing Prompt Book

Tell Me What You See: Visual Writing Prompts For The Wandering Writer by Caroline Topperman is an inspiring take on travel writing.

I’ve been following Caroline for a while on Instagram and have always loved her posts. They aren’t simply snapshots of her life both here and abroad. She always couples each photo with a tidbit or story that goes beyond the surface. So, it was pretty cool to see Caroline translate that artistry into book form with the release of Tell Me What You See this month.



More than just writing prompts, Tell Me What You See inspires readers to take an extra second to absorb their surroundings.

Tell Me What You See, due to hit major retailers January 1st 2019, inspires readers to take an extra second to absorb their surroundings through a powerful combination of writing prompts and photographs from author Caroline Topperman’s travels around the world.

As a lifelong explorer and wanderer herself, Topperman has compiled her travels and her thoughts into one book that will keep your creative juices flowing across time and continents through 99 different prompts.
I always take a journal with me when I travel to capture those moments that matter and go deeper than the snapshots I take with my camera or on my phone. There’s something more personal about reflecting, diving deeper, exploring not just what you see but how it made you feel and what experiences you take away with you when you go back home.

I’ve actually been thinking of using some of the photos I’ve captured in my photography club and writing some flash fiction or drabbles after I style up the photos to make them look appropriately creepy. What do yo u think? Interested?


The cool thing is you can get a sampling of the types of prompts in Caroline’s book by visiting her website for a few free photos to spur on your creativity.

What do you see beyond the surface of those photos? What does it make you feel? What story is hidden within? If you write something inspired by one of Caroline’s photos, please share!


Be sure to visit Caroline’s website to find out more about her writing, her travels, and to book her for a writing workshop! If you sign up for her newsletter, you’ll receive a writing prompt in your inbox every two weeks! She even has a free e-course starting soon!

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