Robert Frost Is Still Dead So Teacher Made Me Write A Poem

Instructions From Teacher: Compose a poem with 10 – 20 lines in the body to honor a poet from the approved list you received in Homeroom. Type the title of your poem IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS above the body. Include a photo of yourself for our Poets Bulletin Board.

Student’s Name: Erica Davis
Class: Poetry
Assignment: Homework #1


by Erica Davis

Whose head this is I think you know.
His shins are in the forest, though.
You did not see me stopping here.
Just help me lift this last torso.

Your little brain must think it odd
To see some femurs but no bod.
It may–or may not–seem a chore,
But either way, I need more sod.

And what, prey, is that cold stare for?
You’re wishing you had locked your door?
Well, shut your face. I’m not all rotted.
Just stocking up the family store.

Those wounds are lovely, deep, and clotted,
Though, I prefer the whole carotid,
And only take from stores allotted,
Unless you know where yours are plotted.


A Photo of the Poet









Final Grade: N/A

Teacher’s Comments: Erica, please see me after class report to the Guidance Counselor office, immediately. 

I like school. There’s more where this came from. And even more. Are you cold, too?


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