Book Review: THE STUMPS OF FLATTOP HILL by Ken Lamug

Ken Lamug's THE STUMPS OF FLATTOP HILL brings a long-overdue disturbance to the picture book arena. The cover alone promised me things that I was desperate for the story to keep. And keep them, it did. THE STUMPS OF FLATTOP HILL is an otherworldly cautionary picture book in which dear little Florence accepts a dare to face perils unknown but ends up Doing Something Else And That Is All I Will Say On The Plot Because Reasons. If you want more, go here or here.  What I love about Lamug's storytelling is that it's done in fluctuating rhythm[...]


Robert Frost Is Still Dead So Teacher Made Me Write A Poem

Instructions From Teacher: Compose a poem with 10 - 20 lines in the body to honor a poet from the approved list you received in Homeroom. Type the title of your poem IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS above the body. Include a photo of yourself for our Poets Bulletin Board. Student's Name: Erica Davis Class: Poetry Assignment: Homework #1 ROBERT FROST IS STILL DEAD SO TEACHER MADE ME WRITE A POEM by Erica Davis Whose head this is I think you know. His shins are in the forest, though. You did not see me stopping here. Just help me lift this last torso. You[...]


Creepy Pizza (A Poem)

Most of you that know me, understand that I love pizza more than most things. Like boys or oxygen or money (which can be problematic because most people wont barter for pizza). Anywho, I came across this gem on the interwebs and I knew it couldn't be ignored. I introduce to you, possibly the most incredible poem of the modern society. World, meet Creepy Pizza. Creepy Pizza, world. Creepy Pizza by Neal Levin   I’d like a pizza topped with cheese then sprinkled with some gnats and fleas, some centipedes and slimy slugs, and other creepy, crawly bugs. I w[...]


Edgar Allan Poe- The Raven

You may have heard from a little birdie there will be a poetry contest here on the blog in October. Well...that's the truth! I'll be posting more information soon, but to tied you over until then I thought I'd post my absolute favorite poem of all time. If you think you might be interested in winning some wonderful prizes for the best October themed poem, get ready:) The Raven BY EDGAR ALLAN POE Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—     While I nodded, nearly napping,[...]