In love and death: Lizzie Siddal

This story happens by lamplight, under a copse of trees and at the top of a steep hill, predictably under the cover of night when only the most nefarious deeds are done. It's October and the ground is frosted, but there are men at work with spades and shovels, digging into the soil with some ardour, awaiting that telltale sound of metal striking a coffin. If you've ever dug up a grave yourself, I'm certain you'd know it: the timber of the strike changes as the wood buckles, and then splinters. It's an extra bit of give beneath the tool -- the result of the grav[...]


Birthday Time. X-Files Style.

Today, we celebrate our fearless, fantastical, creeptastical leader. IT'S JOLENE'S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So we are prepared to... Well, maybe not DIE...unless some strange thing happens on this glorious day of death flavored cake and fear infused ice cream...like... Creepy, possessed dolls...     Odd lights in the sky...     Or our bodies being taken over by goo...   Have no fear, we will call the best to help make sure your birthday is not ruined by the weird, scary, or other-worldly.   When this guy shows[...]


I was Eleven, He was Creepy…A Love Story

It's Gothic horror month. *ahem* Let me try that again... IT'S GOTHIC HORROR MONTH!!!!!! The best type of horror. Dark and creepy and fabulous. Filled with sadness and longing, leaving disturbing images and emotions in your head. When I heard this month's theme, I knew I wanted to post about Edgar Allan Poe...of course my dear friend Amy had the same idea. Why wouldn't she? I mean EDGAR ALLAN POE! Go read her post here. I'll wait... The child of two actors, Edgar Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts in January 1809. His father abandoned him and his mother[...]


Robert Frost Is Still Dead So Teacher Made Me Write A Poem

Instructions From Teacher: Compose a poem with 10 - 20 lines in the body to honor a poet from the approved list you received in Homeroom. Type the title of your poem IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS above the body. Include a photo of yourself for our Poets Bulletin Board. Student's Name: Erica Davis Class: Poetry Assignment: Homework #1 ROBERT FROST IS STILL DEAD SO TEACHER MADE ME WRITE A POEM by Erica Davis Whose head this is I think you know. His shins are in the forest, though. You did not see me stopping here. Just help me lift this last torso. You[...]


Creepy Pizza (A Poem)

Most of you that know me, understand that I love pizza more than most things. Like boys or oxygen or money (which can be problematic because most people wont barter for pizza). Anywho, I came across this gem on the interwebs and I knew it couldn't be ignored. I introduce to you, possibly the most incredible poem of the modern society. World, meet Creepy Pizza. Creepy Pizza, world. Creepy Pizza by Neal Levin   I’d like a pizza topped with cheese then sprinkled with some gnats and fleas, some centipedes and slimy slugs, and other creepy, crawly bugs. I w[...]


Edgar Allan Poe- The Raven

You may have heard from a little birdie there will be a poetry contest here on the blog in October. Well...that's the truth! I'll be posting more information soon, but to tied you over until then I thought I'd post my absolute favorite poem of all time. If you think you might be interested in winning some wonderful prizes for the best October themed poem, get ready:) The Raven BY EDGAR ALLAN POE Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—     While I nodded, nearly napping,[...]