In love and death: Lizzie Siddal

This story happens by lamplight, under a copse of trees and at the top of a steep hill, predictably under the cover of night when only the most nefarious deeds are done. It's October and the ground is frosted, but there are men at work with spades and shovels, digging into the soil with some ardour, awaiting that telltale sound of metal striking a coffin. If you've ever dug up a grave yourself, I'm certain you'd know it: the timber of the strike changes as the wood buckles, and then splinters. It's an extra bit of give beneath the tool -- the result of the grav[...]


Dracula Untold

I am sure that if you are following this blog, you are well versed in the story of Dracula. I mean, we all know who Bram Stoker was, right? Here's a test for you... How many Dracula movies have you seen? 1. NOSFERATU (1922)- F.W. Murnau 2. DRACULA (1931)- Tod Browning 3. DRACULA'S DAUGHTER (1936)- Lambert Hillyer 4. BLOOD OF DRACULA (1957)- Herbert L. Strock 5. HORROR OF DRACULA (1958)- Terence Fisher 6. THE BRIDES OF DRACULA (1960)- Terence Fisher 7. DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS (1966)- Terence Fisher 8. TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA (1970)- Hammer Film Prod[...]