Romance in Horror


In love and death: Lizzie Siddal

This story happens by lamplight, under a copse of trees and at the top of a steep hill, predictably under the cover of night when only the most nefarious deeds are done. It's October and the ground is frosted, but there are men at work with spades and shovels, digging into the soil with some ardour, awaiting that telltale sound of metal striking a coffin. If you've ever dug up a grave yourself, I'm certain you'd know it: the timber of the strike changes as the wood buckles, and then splinters. It's an extra bit of give beneath the tool -- the result of the grav[...]


Finding Frights in Foreign Places

Ah, February. Love & romance are in the air. But don't fret, my horror loving friends. It isn't all hearts and flowers this month. We have nothing against getting all warm and fuzzy. But it wouldn't be The Midnight Society way without a little blood, guts & gore to go along with it. As it turns out, even on my vacation, I was able to find something frightfully delightful. Yearly trips have become an awesome new tradition for myself and my fiance, Chris. It's always cool to go somewhere new, to discover those things that are different from the place y[...]


The Deadly Couples of BtVS

When we talk about undead couples quite a few come to mind, but you know my mind often wanders to anything Joss Whedon or BtVS related. I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about my favorite couples from Buffy. First there was Buffy and Angel. Now this romance was doomed from the beginning--a vampire with a soul, who is cursed to become a demon again if he ever experiences true happiness meets the vampire slayer of his dreams. And one romantic night turns everything to hell. Literally.[...]


Til Death Do Us Part: Bride of Frankenstein

This month we're going to be talking a lot about romance in horror here on The Midnight Society. There are a lot of great iconic couples out there to talk about. As a Frankenstein fan, of course, I thought of the bride. She is first mentioned in the novel, theoretically, but first appears in the 1935 film "Bride of Frankenstein" (a sequel to the first Frankenstein film. From Wikipedia, about her mention in the novel: In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein is tempted by his monster's proposal to create a female creature so that the monster can have a mate. He p[...]