Finding Frights in Foreign Places

Ah, February. Love & romance are in the air. But don’t fret, my horror loving friends. It isn’t all hearts and flowers this month.

We have nothing against getting all warm and fuzzy. But it wouldn’t be The Midnight Society way without a little blood, guts & gore to go along with it.

As it turns out, even on my vacation, I was able to find something frightfully delightful.

Yearly trips have become an awesome new tradition for myself and my fiance, Chris.

It’s always cool to go somewhere new, to discover those things that are different from the place you call home. It’s also a great opportunity to be inspired by new cultures, new locales and fill the creative well by looking for potential new story ideas.

On our latest trip to the Dominican Republic, we spent a relaxing week sitting on the beach, drinking piña coladas and enjoying the surf, but that doesn’t mean the horror writer in me was completely off the clock.

I did a little digging, and found some hair-raising local myths that aren’t all too unfamiliar. One, in particular, is the perfect introduction to this month o’ love. Because even beasties need a little lovin’!

The Ciguapa

The Ciguapa is the Dominican version of the succubus. Said to inhabit deep forests and mountainous regions, the Ciguapa is described as having long, silky black hair which she uses, like clothing, to cover her otherwise naked body.

“Baquiní y la Ciguapa del Camú (1949)” by Domincan artist Jamie Colson from http://dominicancult.blogspot.ca/

Not surprisingly, lonely men are squarely on The Ciguapa’s love radar. She uses her beauty and sensuality to lure them. Some have said her hypnotic stare is what transfixes her targets, but the end result is the same: her capturing & eating her targets or trapping them in the cave with her forever.

If that wasn’t enough to give you the creeps, the Ciguapa is said to have backward-facing feet, which serve to confuse anyone who might pursue her, as she leaves a false trail that leads followers astray.

So, if you happen to be lost in the forest at night, and hear a strange howling sound, it may just be some nocturnal bird, or it may be a harbinger of death for the unlucky soul who has caught the amourous attention of The Ciguapa.


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