Resident Evil 7 Is A Horror Fan’s Delight

I’m only about three hours into Resident Evil 7, but I am in love with this game. While the series has been inconsistent at best over the past handful of years, this latest installment is the perfect blend of horror, humor and shocking moments that has me smiling from ear to ear every moment I spend with it.

Switching to first person was a great decision, as it pulls you deeper into the experience, and allows the creators to surprise you in ways that just aren’t possible in third person. This creates a level of constant tension that I haven’t experienced since the original game.

But that’s not even my favorite part.

What I adore most about RE7 so far, is just how much it wears its influences on its sleeve. In the first hour of the game alone I was squealing with joy at the abundance of nods to everything from Se7en to Evil Dead (in fact, I wrote a whole post about the Easter eggs over on Co-Op Critics).

Below, you can watch me play through the first 45 minutes or so of Resident Evil 7, and you’ll get a taste of its tone, atmosphere and nods to certain other properties (including P.T.). I’m a good deal further into the game now, and things have gotten progressively more disturbing, gory and fun.

I’ll be doing a full playthrough on the Co-Op Critics YouTube page if you want to follow along!

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