Resident Evil


Evil Never Dies in Resident Evil 7

A couple months back I wrote about my first impressions of Resident Evil 7, and how it was a love letter to horror fans. I was grinning ear to ear at the start of my playthough but every so often, the game likes to wipe the smile off of my face by scaring the ever living crap out of me. One of the ways it does that is with Jack Baker, the seemingly unkillable head of the family that is holding you captive. In the following video, the main character Nathan faces off against him in a brutal confrontation reminiscent of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Nathan has to defeat J[...]


Resident Evil 7 Is A Horror Fan’s Delight

I'm only about three hours into Resident Evil 7, but I am in love with this game. While the series has been inconsistent at best over the past handful of years, this latest installment is the perfect blend of horror, humor and shocking moments that has me smiling from ear to ear every moment I spend with it. https://youtu.be/rxjOFd0YNo0 Switching to first person was a great decision, as it pulls you deeper into the experience, and allows the creators to surprise you in ways that just aren't possible in third person. This creates a level of constant tension that[...]


Resident Evil: The Father of Survival Horror

Confession... as much as I love survival horror and go so far as to consider my creative work as survival horror in written form, buuuuuuut.... um, I never played the original Resident Evil. After Silent Hill's genius and Fatal Frame's brutality, there didn't seem to be much of a point. If the Resident Evil franchise is known for anything, it's for the silliness in ridiculous plots, the dumb characters, and inconsistent tone that couldn't decide if it wanted to be gothic horror or biological horror. I took a pass. Mostly. I played Resident Evil: Revelation[...]