A couple months back I wrote about my first impressions of Resident Evil 7, and how it was a love letter to horror fans. I was grinning ear to ear at the start of my playthough but every so often, the game likes to wipe the smile off of my face by scaring the ever living crap out of me. One of the ways it does that is with Jack Baker, the seemingly unkillable head of the family that is holding you captive. In the following video, the main character Nathan faces off against him in a brutal confrontation reminiscent of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Nathan has to defeat Jack to get the final piece of a key that will open the front door of the mansion for him to escape.

What I loved about this scene is how confined it is. There is literally nowhere to go, and running from Jack only buys you a second or two before he catches up. It’s like being a Crystal Lake camper and trying to evade Jason. He’s going to get you eventually.

By the end of the battle, my heart was racing. And getting out of the mansion is only the first step in escaping.

You can watch the battle below. Warning: It’s gonna get bloody.