Celebrate Friday the 13th with the Voorhees

It’s nearly Friday the 13th, and if you love spooky things like The Midnight Society, your feed tomorrow will be equal parts autumnal black cats and Jason Voorhees gifs.

It’s still hot as summer camp here in Florida, so I opted to celebrate with Jason and finally downloaded the Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle game.

This game is a blast!

You start the game as Classic Jason. He’s a tall, broad man in a hockey mask that listens to his mom like any good son. Even though Jason Voorhees became the face of the Friday the 13th movies, Pamela Voorhees was the heart. It was her love and unflinching drive for revenge that made Camp Crystal Lake the unluckiest summer camp. 

Pam is the mastermind behind Jason’s kills in the Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle game. Her head shouts for Jason to avenge her death and directs him to kill the camp counselors, and he always agrees. Her blond bob and coral lipstick are on point, as always. 

Jason is FAST. He zips around, and you figure out how to reach his intended victims. On the earlier levels, the counselors are too dazed or frightened to flee. This was lucky, because my Jason would get caught behind a table, waving his machete, and the counselors stayed there, just outside the swing radius.

Jason borders on adorable at times. He gets so tickled after some kills that he does a triumphant fist pump in the air. Pam is a hovering mom who manages to give clues while fretting over her son.

There are loads of levels and Jasons to unlock, and they look completely bonkers. It will be hard to resist playing as Medieval Jason (in Knightmare, of course) and Jurassic Jason.

For those who love a slasher, but get squeamish, you can choose a PG or R rating and the amount of cartoon gore. Some of the death scenes are hilariously slow and dramatic on the R rating, but the kills aren’t too graphic.

Happy end of summer and Friday the 13th! Pamela has some ideas of how we can celebrate it together.

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