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Celebrate Friday the 13th with the Voorhees

It's nearly Friday the 13th, and if you love spooky things like The Midnight Society, your feed tomorrow will be equal parts autumnal black cats and Jason Voorhees gifs. It’s still hot as summer camp here in Florida, so I opted to celebrate with Jason and finally downloaded the Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle game. This game is a blast! You start the game as Classic Jason. He’s a tall, broad man in a hockey mask that listens to his mom like any good son. Even though Jason Voorhees became the face of the Friday the 13th movies, Pamela Voorhees was th[...]


The Haunting Dialogue of Oxenfree

When you're fully immersed in a story, you hang on your favorite character's every word. Whatever they say will show how they're feeling, how connected they are - or want to be - to the person they're talking to. You'll know what they want, what they need, once they speak. OXENFREE follows Alex and her friends as they party and fight to survive on a deserted island. There's instant friction between characters. Snarky comments and awkward exchanges hint at the grief, regret and romantic tension between them. As Alex, you want to withdraw, but you're pushed to[...]


BELOW Creates a Haunting World to Explore Alone

My favorite kind of gaming experience is one where I can immerse myself in an interesting world and explore it by myself. So much of my writing is both inspired by games, and fueled by the time they provide for me to be in my own head. I cannot tell you how many times I've worked through story ideas on an almost subconscious level while wandering around the world of a game. It just puts me in a creative space. When I find a game that provides this kind of experience, and has a horror element to it, I cherish it. And Capybara Games' Below is one such game for sure[...]


Resident Evil: The Father of Survival Horror

Confession... as much as I love survival horror and go so far as to consider my creative work as survival horror in written form, buuuuuuut.... um, I never played the original Resident Evil. After Silent Hill's genius and Fatal Frame's brutality, there didn't seem to be much of a point. If the Resident Evil franchise is known for anything, it's for the silliness in ridiculous plots, the dumb characters, and inconsistent tone that couldn't decide if it wanted to be gothic horror or biological horror. I took a pass. Mostly. I played Resident Evil: Revelation[...]


Let’s Play UNTIL DAWN for #OctFearFest (Ep. 2)

My October Fear Fest series of let's plays continues this week with the second installment of UNTIL DAWN.  For those that missed the first episode, you can watch it here. If you haven't heard of UNTIL DAWN, it's essentially a game where you as the player are directing your own slasher film. Every choice that you make has a ripple effect on the story, and who lives and dies will do so because of your decisions (or lack thereof). For #OctFearFest, I’ll be doing a let’s play series with UNTIL DAWN, and I’ll be posting the episodes both here are over at m[...]