Kathy’s Guilty Pleasure: A Tale of a Recent Obsession with Markiplier

I have a confession. I have fallen down the YouTube hole, and, yes, I realize that I am years behind the times. See…my daughter introduced me to the YouTuber Markiplier, who plays horror video games.

16yo: “Mom! This guy plays scary games and you would like him! He’s so funny and loves creepy stuff.”

Me: “That’s cool.”

16yo: “No, watch!” *sets screen in front of my face*

Me: “Who is this?”

16yo: “Markiplier.”

And that was the end.

I don’t play video games. If you want to talk to someone who does, go find our Midnighter Brian, who posts what he’s playing on YouTube with the Co-op Critics. Brian is delightful to watch and likes all sorts of games! His last post Below Creates a Haunting World to Explore Alone shows him playing the game Below.

So because I don’t play video games, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. I like watching people play video games.

And I LOVE watching people play horror games.

I’ve been drawn to watching Markiplier for several reasons.

He plays cool games. From killing zombies and monsters to facing demons and ghosts, from demos to indie games to VR, he explores the entire range of horror. I like all horror too! One day I’m in the mood for ghosts and the next a bloody good killing spree.

He’s funny.

When he looks down a long dark hall or sees something a bit disturbing, his face twists with fear, and he immediately backs out muttering, “No thank you. No thank you. No thank you.” He swears at things lurking in the dark. He enters room with a bright “hello!”.

Other fun Markiplier phrases…

I don’t like this.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

I am a brave boy.

Very spoopy.

I have a big brain.

His reactions add to the experience.


He likes to play in a dark room with his headphones. I respect and applaud this dedication to the horror. I have seen him take off the VR headset (is that even the correct term?) and wipe tears because he was genuinely terrified.

He LOVES creepy games, no matter the type. If someone created it in their basement for a few dollars or a team spent a bajillion dollars on all the fancy tech, he plays them all with the desire to love them all. Markiplier will shoot monsters, solve puzzles, and run from ghosts with glee and exclaims positive statements along the way.

Rarely do I see him not enjoy a game, and when he doesn’t, he has his reasons and states them clearly, encouraging everyone to play for themselves or tell him what he missed.

His joy at a great atmosphere, at a fabulous monster, at a solid story mirror what I feel when I watch a scary movie or read a horror book.

As he runs through shadowed corridors screaming like a little girl and swearing (not like a little girl) from whatever horror pursues him, I smile. Every time he yells NO when he dies, I grin. When he looks from his screen to the camera with his face stuck in confusion or fear, I love it.

Because he’s loving it.

He’s loud, has a lot to say, and has a terrific voice. Through the years, his hair has been many different colors. He entertains me.

I will continue to scroll through all his videos and enjoy the gaming experience through him. Want to come with me?


Cheer and nightmares!



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