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Kathy’s Guilty Pleasure: A Tale of a Recent Obsession with Markiplier

I have a confession. I have fallen down the YouTube hole, and, yes, I realize that I am years behind the times. See...my daughter introduced me to the YouTuber Markiplier, who plays horror video games. 16yo: "Mom! This guy plays scary games and you would like him! He's so funny and loves creepy stuff." Me: "That's cool." 16yo: "No, watch!" *sets screen in front of my face* Me: "Who is this?" 16yo: "Markiplier." And that was the end. I don't play video games. If you want to talk to someone who does, go find our Midnighter Brian, who posts what he's playing o[...]


Let’s Play UNTIL DAWN for #OctFearFest (Ep. 3)

My October Fear Fest series of let's plays continues this week with the second installment of UNTIL DAWN.  For those that missed the first couple episodes, you can watch them here. If you haven't heard of UNTIL DAWN, it's essentially a game where you as the player are directing your own slasher film. Every choice that you make has a ripple effect on the story, and who lives and dies will do so because of your decisions (or lack thereof). For #OctFearFest, I'm doing a let’s play series with UNTIL DAWN, and I’ll be posting the episodes both here are over[...]