Let’s Play SOMA for #OctFearFest

somaOctober is the month of horror, and I’m playing two excellent–but very different–horror games this month. Last week I posted the first episode of my UNTIL DAWN let’s play, which is basically a slasher movie you get to play through.

This week is the first episode of my playthrough of SOMA, a very atmospheric horror game that brings to mind equal parts BIOSHOCK  and DEAD SPACE for me.

For #OctFearFest, I’ll be playing through all of SOMA, and I’ll be posting the videos both here are over at my gaming site, Co-Op Critics throughout the month. You’ll also be able to find all of the episodes over on the Co-Op Critics YouTube channel.

So, put on your headphones, shut out the world, and let’s take a trip into the ocean depths.

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