Surviving the Apocalypse With a Friend–7 Days to Die

I’ve been playing a lot of co-op horror games lately, and while in some ways it takes a bit of the edge off, in others it adds a whole new layer of horror.

7 Days to Die is a game where you are trying to survive in the zombie apocalypse, but it has a very particular twist–every seven days, a zombie horde attacks you. So, you spend the days in between the hordes gathering supplies and building materials to build a shelter that can withstand the assault.

This element of the game adds a constant sense of tension, as the moment you make it through one horde assault, you are on the countdown clock to the next one. The tension builds each day as what seemed like plenty of time turns into a race against time to get ready for the coming horde. And each week you survive, the horde gets more difficult. New types of zombies are introduced, and more of them come for you.

The fear of getting separated from your fellow survivor is ever-present in 7 Days to Die. Because time is always an issue, you often have to be doing different things, whether it’s hunting for food, gathering resources or building up your shelter. So when a random group of wandering zombies cuts you off from your partner, things get scary really fast.

It’s a fantastic blend of games like Minecraft and Left4Dead, and I can’t stop playing it. My friend Nick and I have over 20 hours into the game already, and we’ve only survived 21 days in the game.

If you want a great combination of scares and fun, I highly, highly recommend 7 Days to Die. You can watch the entire series of let’s play videos we’ve done so far over on our Co-Op Critics YouTube channel here.

  • Erica Davis
    March 22, 2017

    Oh wow. The constant reset has my attention…

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