Let’s Play UNTIL DAWN for #OctFearFest (Ep. 1)

224923In addition to being a huge horror fan, I’m a lifelong gamer. So, anytime those two interests can overlap, it makes me very, very happy. And it just so happens that a game arrived recently that not only combines my love of horror and games, but does so with my favorite kind of horror movie–the slasher film.

UNTIL DAWN is a game where you as the player are essentially directing your own slasher film. Every choice that you make has a ripple effect on the story, and who lives and dies will do so because of your decisions (or lack thereof).

For #OctFearFest, I’ll be doing a let’s play series with UNTIL DAWN, and I’ll be posting the episodes both here are over at my gaming site, Co-Op Critics throughout the month. You’ll also be able to find all of the episodes over on the Co-Op Critics YouTube channel.

So, turn the lights down, put your headphones on, and enjoy the first episode of UNTIL DAWN. The fun is just beginning!

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