Midnight Society Movie Night: The Possession of Hannah Grace

Another month means another live-tweet, and I have chosen The Possession of Hannah Grace.


The 2018 thriller/horror film directed by Diederik Van Rooijen hit the theaters last fall and I went. Because why wouldn’t I?


Movie poster for the 2018 movie The Possession of Hannah Grace


As I sat in the theater with my popcorn, I stared at the screen with one big question filling my mind.

“What do you bring to the table, Possession of Hannah Grace? I’ve seen lots of possession movies. So…what do you offer?”

So many possession movies exist out there in the world, to release another one seemed risky. I know the usual tale…A demon attaches to an individual and it changes them. The exorcist enters, determined to banish the evil with weapons of prayer and holy water. The sorrow soaked family watches in horror, hoping that their lives can just go back to normal, which is ridiculous. How can life go back to normal after that?

In the dark theater, I waited, wondering what this movie would bring and hoping it would be fun!

The opening scene was just what I expected…almost.

Then the movie took the subject of possession in a new direction. An incredibly creepy direction. For what happens when the possessed person dies?

Watch with me and find out.

I enjoyed this movie! I loved the atmosphere. Alone…in a morgue…NO ONE WOULD DO THAT. Except Megan, who is escaping her past, one full of pain. After a strange corpse arrives, odd things happen. There is something worse in the darkness of the morgue than the silence of death. This movie gives us creepy and some pretty unforgettable images as well as the story of a woman trying to move on, to deal with trauma.

So, my horror movie-loving pals, let’s watch The Possession of Hannah Grace!



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Cheers and nightmares,


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