Christmas Horror

It’s that time of year, when I plant myself in front of the Hallmark channel and watch cute movies until my insides glow like Christmas lights and my heart grows three sizes.

And I love it.

Usually when January hits, I watch non-stop horror just to reduce my heart to normal size and counteract the glow of the season. But maybe I need a bit of balance during the month of December. There are alternatives to sickly sweet love stories and tales of finding the holiday spirit, maybe a few where the Christmas spirit tries to kill you. When a new scary movie released all decked out in festive red and green, I had to know what it was all about. I pulled myself from the shiny Hallmark movies and went to see Krampus. Not really having any idea what I was getting myself into.

From the 2015 movie "Krampus"

From the 2015 movie “Krampus”

OMG LOVED IT SO MUCH HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE I SHALL WATCH IT EVERY YEAR AND IT WILL BE MY FAVORITE! Read my initial reaction here. It made me think… there must be more horror movies made for the season of giving. Of course, I’ve seen Gremlins…classic.

From 1984 film "Gremlins"

From 1984 film “Gremlins”

And I think The Nightmare Before Christmas qualifies for a spot in this category.

From 1993 movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

From 1993 movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

BUT THERE ARE MORE! Holy Christmas killing, Santa Claws… check out the lists!

Top 20 Horror Christmas Movies

The Ultimate Christmas Horror Movie List

14 Christmas Horror Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

WHO KNEW THERE WERE SO MANY? Okay, probably a lot of people. But not me. *gestures to my sheltered life*

Now, I don’t know how many of these are worth seeing. So I wonder, who out there has seen some of these blood-splattered shows? Which ones should I add to my movie-watching list?

We can’t let the mistletoe-covered, holly jolly happiness run rampant, can we? Every season can use a little scary.


*images from my favorite scary Christmas movies from Google Images




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