Midnight Society Movie Night: Holiday Edition

The Midnight Society is BACK! So, that means Midnight Society movie night returns, where everyone is welcome to join me on Twitter to live-tweet the creepy and dark and weird. Why? Well, if you’re like me, you have people in your life who just don’t ‘do’ horror. I go to movies alone. I watch at night in the dark when everyone is in bed. BUT…it’s fun to share the terror with friends, with people who like the shadows as much as I do. My goal is to have a scheduled live-tweet once a month and maybe a few surprise movie nights, just because.

So welcome to…

AND JUST IN TIME. It’s December and you know what that means…right?

Time to live-tweet two of my favorite horror/Christmas movies. It’s tradition.

Movie poster for 1984 film Gremlins

What’s Christmas without the craziness of death and destruction with Billy and Gizmo? One of my favorite movies since childhood, the laughter, the murder, the singing…

From 1984 film “Gremlins”

Join me on Twitter and tweet all the fun on #MidnightSocietyMovieNight and #GremlinsMovie on Thursday, December 13th at 9 EST!





Poster for 2015 movie Krampus

Do you have Christmas spirit?

Max does…well, until his family comes for Christmas and everything goes awry. They get dragged into a fun and creepy holiday fight against the dark spirit of Christmas and his minions.

From the 2015 movie “Krampus”

Join me on Twitter Thursday, December 20th at 9 EST #MidnightSocietyMovieNight and #KrampusMovie!


I love all kinds of horror movies and can’t wait to share the fun with you.


Keep the Christmas spirit…

Keep all fuzzies dry…

And get ready to watch movies with me.


Keep it creepy,



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