Midnight Society Movie Night: The Room

Welcome to May! It is my pleasure to invite you to this month’s Midnight Society Movie Night and my live-tweet of The Room!

Ever since seeing trailers for this movie, I have wanted to see it, but haven’t. So, what better way to enjoy the experience than to watch it for the first time than with all my horror friends. All in the safety and comfort of our own homes! With our jam-jams and snacks and couches and blankets…

Let’s watch The Room!

Poster for the ShudderTV movie The Room

Directed and written by Christian Volckman, The Room premiered on April 15, 2019 at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. And now is featured as a ShudderTV original.

Kate and Matt move to the middle of nowhere and discover a hidden room in their new house, a hidden room with magic powers to grant any wish. I’m sure at first, the wishes make their lives better and give them happiness, but I can’t help but think of The Monkey’s Paw, that every wish granted can take a bite out of one’s soul.

And this couple has a BIG wish. A child.

But I’m sure it’ll be fine. Nothing can go too terribly wrong, not with a room full of dark magic.

I’m pretty excited to watch The Room! And hope others will watch with me and add their tweets to the fun. Or you can always sit back and read my enormously witty and insightful reactions, that may or may not include all caps and an overuse of the word ‘nope’.

So, if you are intrigued and ready for a night of weird Internet frivolity, join me Friday, May 20th at 9pm EST for the live-tweet of The Room on Twitter #MidnightSocietyMovieNight and #TheRoom.

Cheers and nightmares,


  • ericathedavisgirl
    May 1, 2020


  • lexc13
    May 4, 2020

    Good pick. Watched it last week, I think.

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