Midnight Society Movie Night: Tigers Are Not Afraid

Last month Midnightober movies took over, and I made new horror friends on Shudder's #61DaysofHalloween. We watched so many movies, some great, some good, and some that left me blinking in confusion...or laughing. We now return to my normal live-tweet, and this month's movie Tigers are Not Afraid. Time for the return of... My brain rejects the idea of one movie a month, but I might get more done when not glued to the screen. I chose a dark one this month, a heavy topic, but hopefully with a bit of magic to give us hope. For good horror offers hope.[...]


Midnight Society Movie Night: La Llorona

Time to announce this month's live-tweet choice, so I'm heading back to Shudder and one of their newest releases La Llorona. (Do not confuse this with the 2019 movie The Curse of La Llorona, which I enjoyed, though not one of my favorites.) Get ready, it's almost time for... I'm excited! The poster for the 2019 film La Llorona Written and directed by Jayro Bustamante, the Spanish film La Llorona played at film festivals around the world. This award winning movie promises to delve deep into the emotional impact of choices and how they can affe[...]


Midnight Society Movie Night: The Room

Welcome to May! It is my pleasure to invite you to this month's Midnight Society Movie Night and my live-tweet of The Room! Ever since seeing trailers for this movie, I have wanted to see it, but haven't. So, what better way to enjoy the experience than to watch it for the first time than with all my horror friends. All in the safety and comfort of our own homes! With our jam-jams and snacks and couches and blankets... Let's watch The Room! Poster for the ShudderTV movie The Room Directed and written by Christian Volckman, The Room premiered on Ap[...]


Midnight Society Movie Night: We Go On

We Go On, an intriguing indie horror film on ShudderTV! With all the craziness in the world right now, Midnight Society Movie Night makes me happy. A chance to watch a movie with my scary-loving friends is just what I need. So let's watch We Go On! Some doors should never be opened. 2016 movie We Go On poster This movie, written and directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton (also known for The Witch in the Window), appeared at film festivals around the world in 2016. Now on DVD and ShudderTV. Seriously, ShudderTV has offered me so many titles I wo[...]