Midnight Society Movie Night: La Llorona

Time to announce this month’s live-tweet choice, so I’m heading back to Shudder and one of their newest releases La Llorona.

(Do not confuse this with the 2019 movie The Curse of La Llorona, which I enjoyed, though not one of my favorites.)

Get ready, it’s almost time for…

I’m excited!

The poster for the 2019 film La Llorona

Written and directed by Jayro Bustamante, the Spanish film La Llorona played at film festivals around the world. This award winning movie promises to delve deep into the emotional impact of choices and how they can affect people. The past can be a burden to carry, the perfect subject matter for a horror film.

From Shudder: “Accused of the genocide of Mayan people, retired general Enrique is trapped in his home by massive protests. Abandoned by his staff, the indignant old man and his family must face the devastating truth of his actions and the growing sense that a wrathful supernatural force is targeting them for his crimes.”

I’ll leave this right here, if you need a taste.

The trailer for the 2019 movie La Llorona

This one is going to be heavy. No light-hearted scares or big guys with knives, but a look at the terror people can cause. Those in power have to protect and choose wisely for their people. Ghosts climb out of the shadows to make you face what you’ve done and see the impact you have on others.

When justice is called for, the people, or maybe the ghosts, will strike until payment has been made.

Join me on Twitter at #MidnightSocietyMovieNight and #LaLlorona on Friday, August 28th, at 9 PM EST to watch what promises to be one heck of a show. Whether you watch with me or enjoy my plethora of tweets, we’ll have a great time.

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